Dear, Arts Council...

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I've created a highlights page of my work and goals for you. I hope you enjoy it! 

This is me!


Here are a few videos I've organised or Worked on

A team of 3 body artists completed 8 full body paints in 2 days for the Warner Bros Production music video in New Zealand

Painting Eilidh and Chris, 2 local, professional acrobats from the Bristols circus college, ended up going viral with 264k views!!

Early lockdown, I organised a 'pass the brush' style video with some of the BEST artists in the industry. I was very proud and grateful of this one!

I applied for the BBC Women's Hour exhibition at the Bristol Museum and had the opportunity to showcase a live body paint for members of the public. Some of the reactions were incredible! Everything from amazed to shocked at seeing actual humans/dragons, but certainly enjoyed speaking to people about my work in person.

It's long been a dream of mine to have an immersive dinner with mythical creatures in the woods entertaining and interacting with the guests. I never imagined I would also be performing for this booking, it was magical!

Working with local performers is hugely rewarding for both of us. Cirrus stilts provide high end performers to public and private events across the UK. I look forward to working with them more post pandemic

One of my favourite artists: Slamboree, asked me to do the body art for their music video. I had no brief until I arrived and quickly set to researching the Kabuki mask origins they wanted for this concept.

A stop motion baby bump paint project on a beautiful mum-to-be has sparked lots of enquiries and kickstarted an additional branch to Painted Peach. Stop motion painting takes HOURS to complete with one brush stroke at a time, so this was somewhat of an experiment with Farelight, a local videography company.

I organised this shoot after Joey Adam,creator of dragon puppets from Luxembourg, agreed to drive over to Bristol to collaborate with me. There's little to describe how honoured I felt and we managed to get published in a couple of magazines!

Performer is CJ Ory

Some of my favourite jobs, projects and designs


One of the actors from the League of Legends immersive walk-through experience. I was head of Hair and Makeup team for the 10 year anniversary event where the top 500 international players came to London

Cirque-du-Soleil inspired designs on 2 professional acrobats for an event at the Museum of London. I hand painted these suits prior to the event.

Model and fantasy photographer Stephanie Pearl brought her own stick insects for this shoot. So I covered her in moss. I found out... I don't like stick insects on mass. There were about 70. We have done many shoots together since though.

I was contacted by Ramsay Productions (Gordon Ramsay) and asked if I would submit an entry to the craft competition they would be televising. This was my entry

The theme was "Sirens of the Sea" I wanted to heavily avoid doing a sparkly mermaid and my model Abigail could not have been more thrilled and revelled in her character.

I've just started a monthly photographers event with Studio One Bristol that allows a small group of photographers to capture my work in the flesh. Costume and headdress designed and made by me.

Steampunk inspired Ram Skull for a client.

In my Special FX class I explained how you can use kitchen items to achieve great textures. I stuck oats to his face for this one!

Concepts for bridal lace designs for alternative, boho and festival brides looking for something unique!

Back stage after my interview at Sky Studios! My buddy Antonia modelled for me

Collaboration wth local artist: We Creatures.

She makes a lot of the headdresses for my looks.

Professional performer, acrobat, contortionist and fire performer; CJ Ory, ready to shoot with some dragons! This was one of the dragons created and brought over from Luxembourg by Joey Adam

This client had huge body confidence issues when he first hired me, but we've done 2 more shoots since then. He explained how it's really allowed him to explore a completely new side to himself.

Pole Instructor Phoebe, painted up by her friend Zoe and myself. This was for a competition I ran for 2 lucky winners to spend a day with Painted Peach learning some tricks

Bristol Fashion Show was organised to "Save Hamilton House" an ongoing campaign to save one of Bristol remaining art spaces and studios. This was my 'CatWalk' design which ended up in the local papers!

Extinction Rebellion Protests last October. The model I painted went and stood in front of a line of police. The image was in newspapers across the globe, including: BBC, NZ Herald, a Chinese paper and several others

My entry into the Covid Edition World Body Painting Championships this year. Largely just did it to push myself and not miss the opportunity, as it's usually held in Austria and is very expensive. There were so many rules!

The Next Chapter : Stan Winston School of Character ARts


Stan Winston School is the world's premiere online destination for learning the art & technology of character creation from Award-winning industry professionals. Creating compelling characters requires a vast range of skills and techniques, from big budget cinematic approaches to DIY methods you can use in your garage or home workshop. Please read the last section to understand how I want to use these skills!

These are a list of the categories the course covers. Just to be clear, I have paid for the course access which has given me time to research what I now need to do/buy. As it's online, they do not provide any of the materials, which is why I'm applying for funding.

Just a 'quick' video I made of me scrolling through the 231 modules I now have access to! I tallied up the courses and there are over 800 hours of in depth tutorials!

As I have no substantial work for a while, I'm using this time to entirely 'level up' my skills with the Stan Winston School of Characters Arts, so I can open new opportunities for myself and others. My aim for years now has been to bring immersive experiences to people so they can lose themselves for a moment in escapism and wonder, by transforming actors with my body art, then allowing people a moment to interact with the types of characters that you would usually only see on screen. It's been a particular dream of mine to bring these experiences to those who need the escapism most, like those in hospitals or hospices and bring the performers to speak to the patients and their families. I've already been in contact with a few charities about working alongside them so we can offer this. We would offer visits from performers and also offer transformations to patients that might be interested. I'm about to run my first workshop with the Teenage Cancer Trust which I'm very excited for! Once we start building some beautiful footage of these experiences, I hope to contact JK Rowling with my project. She has been a huge inspiration for my work and her generosity and charity is very inspiring. I hope the concept and project might speak to her.

Painted Peach will still be available for hire across the UK as it was prior to the pandemic.


When my Dad was dying in Myton Hospice, there's little to describe how confusing and overwhelming dealing with something like that was at the age of 21. The coping mechanism I found that worked for me was to escape into the fantasy worlds created by authors. I would spend hours beside his bedside pouring over books, discovering interesting places and characters and getting lost in a new world, as mine cracked between my Dad's shattered breaths. When he died, the hospice were looking for a face painter to help with their fund raising events. ​A new challenge I was eager to accept and for the first time, something clicked and I knew I had finally found a calling that entwined the passions and talents I'd acquired over the years. Some years down the line, I began to mull over my beginnings and my continued love for fantasy and work on a concept that combined this with my now profession. Creating a welcomed moment of escapism for the patients and their loved ones, that I so sorely searched for. I have been aiming towards this goal for some years and I hope this is my opportunity to finally begin creating it.

Since starting Painted Peach in 2016, it's been a delicate balance of learning how to run a business (I've had some steep learning curves), afford expensive products, find financially beneficial jobs, advance my creative skills, build our reputation and grow the business.... Which has not always been easy on my own. As I've spent the last 3 years investing back into the business so we can expand this year, I have not made any profits yet, which unfortunately means I am not eligible for any government funding. 

I have since started a business and online marketing course, hired a part time assistant and I'm looking at training a second so I can actually achieve all my goals, despite the pandemics impact. With funding, I can start focusing on learning new skills taught by the Stan Winston School, pay my assistants, run and grow the business and finally move into a space where I can build these amazing creatures (my house share is not substantial space for my goals). With the SWSCA, my skills will not only help make the experiences for the audience much more memorable and believable, but also bring in much higher paid work. TV and Film work is often in 3-6 month blocks and paid at £350 a day which would mean much more income. Although this is not the aim to work in TV and film, having the option for higher paid work will allow more opportunities between productions to work on my projects with the charities. I've already been speaking to and working with the South West Eating Disorder Charity, Myton Hospice, Able Management (disabled models) and the Teenage Cancer Trust. I look forward to introducing myself to others to help them raise awareness too.

I'm really looking forward to having more time and money between jobs so I can continue assembling a dedicated team of creatives to help execute these experiences with professionalism, tact and splendour. I've already been speaking to concept and storyline developers, character and costume designers, improv actors and immersive theatre organisations, additional makeup artists, videographers and the Prince's Trust about executing my idea efficiently. 

As I do not feel it's fair for the charities to pay for these experiences in their entirety and I refuse to pay other artists as poorly as I have been paid in the past, we will be reaching out for funding opportunities and to corporations that have community engagement schemes in place. Wish us luck!


Many, many thanks for your time. 

Amanda x

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