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Halloween is explosive in the UK and especially in Bristol. If the thought of doing your own makeup scares you, or you'd like like to take all the hassle out of the prep, then let us do it for you. Best to book in early as this is THE busiest time of year for makeup artists across the country.


Having learnt a lot of my skills from Yolanda Bartrum, 3 time World Champion Special FX and Body Artist, I use a range of high quality products and techniques to create textures, features and effects. You can also choose from a list of add ons such as contact lenses, wigs, headdresses, prosthetics and more. 

This year I'm teaming up with We Creatures who makes custom fantasy headdresses like the ones in the pictures on every page and we're offering a package deal. You can get anything from eye designs to transformations. Be inspired, try something new and stand out from the crowd of ripped shirts and red food colouring..