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Face Painting at kids parties is a fabulous way to let their imaginations soar as they explore new characters and personas. Face art enables children to transform into creatures, animals, faeries, superheroes and anything they can think of and we love being part of that. If you're looking for something a bit special for your child's birthday or event, our countless bespoke designs are varied and bring hours of fun.


With almost 8 years experience and having trained in New Zealand with literally the best body painter in the world, I offer a premium face art service for parties looking to add a dab of splendour.


 At Painted Peach we only use top quality products and prioritise hygiene as part of our professional service. Brushes are washed and disinfected in between each job and we only use one sponge per face to avoid spreading any infections and illnesses. All our paints are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and vegan friendly and all my glitter is certified biodegradable. Designs are easily removed with warm soapy water, makeup remover or even coconut oil. The hardest part might just be how willing they are, which I can't take responsibility for unfortunately!


My Public Liability Insurance covers anyone over the age of 2 years so everyone is welcome. Faces under this age are just not ready for paint yet, but we can offer small arm designs at the discretion of the artist, parents or guardians. Here at Painted Peach we are strong advocates of supporting free will and not adhering to social pressures or "norms" that are expected, therefore, if boys want pink glittery butterflies, we fully respect this and appreciate parents who feel the same way :)


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