We hate to admit it,

but we could use some help...

As hard times fall for so many of us, there are a few of us who have slipped through the cracks of available funding. For those of you who know me, starting a crowd funder is not something I would ever usually consider, but a few people in the last couple of weeks have encouraged me that this is potentially a necessary path for me to take to be able to continue running Painted Peach and bring all my dreams and project ideas to fruition.

Painted Peach's ethos is focused on bringing escapism and joy through face and body art. In particular, the aim is to start bringing some escapism into hospices, hospitals and orphanages (when it’s safe to do so), in the form of body painted actors/performers that have been transformed into characters and creatures. Through storytelling, listening and talking to patients and their loved ones, hope to bring a moment of joy to them through their difficult times. Watching the performers we hire out bring my creations to life, is exceptional and mesmerising. These visual transformations have such an effect on how the model feels. It really allows you to experience a completely new sensation and appreciation in your own skin. I know many people have lost their body positivity, often as a result of medical procedures, cancer treatments, eating disorders, or various other reasons, so I am looking to work alongside charities, organisations and individuals to offer these experiences to those that would benefit most. 

Like any business, there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes. Creating each look, organising a multitude of elements, planning and executing, plus the copious amount of admin involved in maintaining a successful creative business, will mean this is no small feat. As you have probably guessed, all our income in events and productions has ceased for the foreseeable future, which has been unexpected, a little terrifying, but also certainly looking at this enforced break as a blessing. We are working hard to find alternative sources of income, including starting face painting tutorials, but this too takes time and costs money, only one of which we have right now.

I know a lot of people are incredibly generous and charitable already, some of you may be furloughed, been able to access support, or are just happy to support someone local with their dream through a global crisis. If this is not for you, thank you for feigning your interest this far. If you are happy to donate, I will send each donator a small gift as a token of appreciation for your support towards Painted Peach. I'm also offering vouchers if you know you'd like to hire us again in the future but are not sure about the details yet. As you will be helping our cashflow so much, I am offering 10% off your final booking as a thank you. 

You can read more about our where our ethos/concept stemmed from on my 'About' page and see some of my work throughout my website.

Thank you so much, your help is more appreciated than you know.

 Panda xX

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