As this is quite a new service to most people, there are naturally a few questions about the process and experience when it comes to booking in your paint. Here's some more information that will hopefully cover any of the basics, and the rest we can discuss via email.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have!

For each booking we spend an hour before and again after, disinfecting the kit which is included in the price.

You can also download this as a PDF

How it will work


We’re looking forward to bringing this service to you in the comfort of your own home so you have all your amenities, comforts and warmth while you get painted. Body Paints (and photos) will take place at your house so the pictures can encompass you in your natural surroundings. A selection of memories for you to revisit in future years! 


On arrival, I’ll spend around 20 minutes setting up my kit. I’m happy for you to chat to me while I do this or you’re welcome to leave me to it, it’s up to you! If you’re hiring a photographer they will arrive as we’re nearing the end of the paint.


I’ll let you choose a chair or stool you’d like to be painted on and I’ll bring everything else. As I’m only being hired to do the body art, please feel free to do any makeup or hair styling prior to my arrival to save time when it comes to taking photos. I’m happy to assist with this but it will need to be prearranged. We can also time-lapse the painting process too if you like! I will remain masked throughout the session until guidelines say otherwise.

Timings and Such


We recommend booking your bump painting in the 34-36 week period of your pregnancy as that’s when you’re usually at your roundest but you are more than welcome to choose a different stage if you so wish. 


You can decide if you’d just like your bump painted, or if you’d like to include any other areas such as face, arm, leg, shoulder, décolletage etc or if you’d like a more full coverage body paint (all models wear pants at minimum and nipple covers can be provided, you can see examples on most of my other images of full body paints)


Painting times can vary quite greatly depending on the intricacy of the design, so we're starting our base package at just 2 hours. Usually, body paints take around 8 hours, so these are much quicker!


If your partner would like to join in with a few of the photos then that’s certainly encouraged!



' Trust in Peach '  - £    

This package is designed to keep prep time low and costs down, which means it's much more accessible. You won’t get to decide on the design itself, you’ll just have to trust my expertise! Floral and nature inspired designs come most naturally to me but I’m often influenced by people's outfit, decor or personality on arrival. This is a great option to have done before the baby shower starts or as a gift idea! Around 2 hours of painting time.

The  ' Peach Parfait  '  - £    

You can suggest or we can discuss your ideal design, style or theme. This will include mood boards and inspiration for me to design from and will involve more prep and longer painting times. This includes up to 4 hours of painting, admin time, 4-6 hours of prep prior to arrival, a few embellishments, and my assistance if you’re having photos.

The  ' V. i. Peach '  - from £    

If you’re interested in adding a bit of 'WOW!' to this momentous occasion, we can also arrange to do a full or half body paint for your pregnancy. We can discuss using prosthetics, headdresses, wigs, costumes, props, contact lenses etc to create a surreal, ethereal or extra element to your transformation. We recommend including a professional photographer in this package so they can capture you in full splendour! 

I also stay for the photos as an assistant to offer tips and advice on the shoot


These costs can vary greatly depending on what you’d like to achieve so it's best to enquire with a rough idea so I can respond with a more accurate quote. Take a look at my highlights to see the kind of artwork I've previously created.


There will be additional travel costs for bookings outside of Bristol. 

What to Wear


For each of the packages there are several options for suitable items of clothing. The package you choose and how much paint you want or what you’re comfortable with, will influence what to wear. This is your shoot so if you have something in mind or a suggestion then of course we can do that. These are just suggestions based on my experience.


When working at events, I tend to match my designs/colour scheme to peoples clothing just to keep things aesthetically pleasing, so I can do the same for your baby bump paint or you can choose an outfit that works with my design. I tend to recommend plain clothing so it doesn’t distract from the design. Your warmth is also a priority so blankets, thick socks and slippers are always good while we’re painting!


On the bottom: Comfy trousers, joggers or leggings will do nicely, especially whilst we’re painting. If you're having paint on your leg then shorts, pants, skirts etc are best, or whatever you’d like in the photos.


On top: A bra, sports bra, boob tube, bikini or strappy top. If you’re just having a belly paint, then it really is up to you, you can just roll up your top. If you are going for a full body paint I can provide nipple covers (for modesty and social media sharing purposes)

Long flowing kimonos and gowns are a great addition for photos!

Our Products


The products we use are specifically designed to be used as body paints. They are skin-safe, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, top quality paints and we only buy vegan friendly brands, so you, your baby and animals are all safe. We only use biodegradable glitter. 


Hygiene has always been a top priority at Painted Peach, but since the pandemic began, we’ve upgraded some of our procedures so you can rest assured we spend an hour before and again after each booking disinfecting paints, brushes and sponges. This is included and reflected in the price as it’s essential that we can continue running our business safely, 

for you and for us. 


Products are easily removed with warm soapy water.

Our Ethos


The core of Painted Peach is all about providing moments of escapism and helping people feel beautiful and empowered in their own skin. Body art is a remarkable and striking art form that allows you as the model to feel a completely new appreciation for your body, which is why we’re looking to use our skills to bring experiences to anyone that might benefit from these transformations. In particular, we’re really looking forward to doing lots more work alongside charities where people have been physically affected by treatments or disorders in order to restore body positivity again. You can read more on this on my website if you're interested or chat to me on the day!


Painted Peach (and most other professional body art companies), work hard to promote body art as an art form and move away from the common misconception that this is anything sexual, it’s just not :) Having been brought up Dutch on my mother’s side, I’ve never viewed skin or nudity as a sexual entity, it’s always been the intent behind what you do with your body that makes it so. We all have skin! 


Skin as a medium is an unexplainably satisfying canvas to work with and so inclusive of all shapes, sizes, races and genders. Unlike a fabric or paper canvas which absorbs paint off the brush quite quickly, the smoothness and softness of skin allows the paint strokes to be fluid and uninterrupted. I’ve always relished in communicating and learning about each of my ‘canvases’ and see this is a huge part of the experience. It’s one of the main reasons this art form is my favourite, people are fascinating!



Hiring a photographer is the best way to capture this experience and have photos to look back on for years to come.

Here are a few options for you to choose from if you'd like some pictures.

1. You're welcome to arrange your own photographer if you already know, like, or admire someone.

2. I can take a few images for a much lower rate (I'm not claiming to be a pro!). I will bring my lighting, some fabrics for the pictures or to use as a backdrop, a few props such as flowers and foliage.

3. Choose from one of my hand selected recommendations, who are kindly offering specially tailored rates for Painted Peach!

Mark Pickthall  £185

I simply adore working with Mark. His photos, without a doubt, have a certain 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' about them and his demeanour and expertise instantly puts you at ease. Over the years, I've had too many negative experiences with photographers but Mark is a professional through and through and restores my faith in the arts and people, every time we shoot.

This includes : approx 10 images, a 2 hour shoot and Mark will bring all necessary equipment eg, lighting, backdrop etc

Additions photo extras are optional.

Based in Bruton.

Paul - Reflex Image £100

Paul is a new acquaintance of mine, but I was so taken by his photography I simply had to get in touch! Paul and his wife have just had a baby of their own and look forward to collaborating with Painted Peach to bring great value packages straight to you!

This includes : 1 x ’Art edited’ Photo and 3 x ‘Standard edited’ photos (please click links for examples)

or 5-6 'Standard edited' photos.

Additional photos can be purchased at : Art edit Photos = £40 Each Standard edit photos = £15 Each

Shoots will take around 1 hour.

Based in Chipping Sodbury.