Prosecco Painting Packages

Welcome to Painted Peach's first online face painting classes and tutorials! We had such fun doing Prosecco Painting Packages at your homes with you and your friends, we thought we'd extend the service and bring it to you online as well, especially now!


We have some amazing introductory offers for you and want to invite you to learn an exciting and versatile new skill with us, Prosecco is optional! As you can well imagine, Covid 19 has hit our industry hard! So we want to express our gratitude to anyone that is able to help us through this time and hope you enjoy increasing you personal development in exchange for your support. We can't wait to get you started and show you some beautiful designs! 

You can read more on what to expect below the package deals. 

What to Expect

All these classes are perfect for complete novice and beginners. I will send each of you the products you need to start and we can arrange a one-to-one session so I can talk you through the basics of how to load, apply and remove the paints, plus some great techniques to get you going. The initial Zoom session is essential, after that, you can watch the tutorials in your own time, book in additional sessions with me, or join our party sessions! We offer great referral schemes so you can enjoy this fun and creative skill with friends! Delivery time is approximately 1 week from purchasing your package.

This is a great opportunity to take some time for yourself, get creative and learn something fun! Ideal classes for parents, PTA members, budding face painters, teenagers and anyone looking to expand their repertoire. I've worked in the face and body art industry for almost 8 years now and reaching my 4th year of running Painted Peach. Trust me when I say, I've done a lot of kids face painting, and as I begin to delve deeper into Special FX and Prosthetic Makeup, providing transformative experiences for clients, performers and charities, I'm excited to share some of my knowledge with you. 


These tools will simply help you on your way to becoming a face painter. The time and dedication you choose to apply, is what will determine what you can achieve :) I'm looking forward to connecting with previous clients, new clients and showing you some designs from my years as a face painter.