Kids Parties - Packages and Pricing

Painted Peach's rates as standard, include all materials: including hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and vegan friendly paints, embellishments and biodegradable glitter. We also provide our own set up. This reduces hassle for you on the day and also saves our backs as we use height adjustable chairs, all you need to provide is a well lit space for us to work in. If it's Summer and you would like us to paint outdoors, please inform us and ensure we have flat ground and are protected from the elements such as wind, rain and direct sunlight. 

Designs will naturally have a higher quality if we have more time per person. We recommend an average of 10 faces per hour. Please note that hygiene is high on our priority, it always has been but particularly now with Covid-19 being a threat. We will be following all government guidelines and are happy to take extra precautions for your event. At the bear minimum, all artists will wear a face mask, we only use one sponge per face, brushes are rinsed between each face and the entire kit is disinfected between jobs. This is time consuming but crucial to providing you with a top quality service and maintaining healthy, happy, returning clients.

We will arrive around 15 minutes prior to the event start time to allow time to set up. 

For private parties

For 1 hour - £65

For 1.5 hours - £90

For 2 hours - £100

For larger events and functions, day rates are as follows:

Half day - £250

Full day - £350 

Travel costs may be added for events outside of Bristol.

These are just the usual requests, please enquire if you'd like a quote for different timings or various artists and we will happily accommodate your request.

Please note that for larger events, we recommend hiring at least 2 artists as this helps keep waiting times down and also ensures our kit is not left unattended if breaks are required. Prices are for one artist. Please enquire for all bookings, especially if you'd like a quote for more than 1 artist.

As we will need to do several trips to the car and our things can be a little awkward to carry, please advise of the closest parking so we can unload efficiently and safely. 

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We will get back to you as soon as possible with availability. Please note NO bookings are confirmed until a deposit has been received. We will still be responding to other requests until bookings are confirmed. You can see our booking agreement policy here. Many thanks.


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