Ginger dryad moss creature

A selection of my creations from jobs, 

shoots and collaborations

Whether you have a creative idea you want to explore, visual interest you'd like to add or a product you want to promote, face and body art, Special FX and prosthetic makeup are fantastic way to bring these to life for your next photo or video shoot.

I also offer private body paint packages complete with photoshoot for an unforgettable experience for yourself or a loved one. Whether you'd like to just enjoy being painted and discover a new aspect of body positivity or you'd like to be painted for an event, I'm happy to assist. You're welcome to come to my studio or be painted in the privacy of your own home.


Paints usually take anywhere between 4-8 hours to complete, or I can bring in an assistant to help speed up the process if you're on a time limit. We can work together to create your perfect look, creature or character, I can work to your brief, or I can guide the design process if that makes you feel more comfortable. There are very few ways I can describe to you how incredible this transformation experience is. You won't want to wash it off!

Prices vary quite greatly depending on the design, the amount of prep, assistants or any other artists needed, costumes and extras such as Prosthetics, SpecialFX, Wigs, Contacts etc but I can often offer something to suit your budget. Prices for full body start from £250 for a basic design which includes designing, painting and materials.

I've had the absolute pleasure of collaborating and working with some outstanding creatives in the 7 years of painting and in the 3 years of running Painted Peach. Here are just a few of them...

This collaboration was one of my favourites to date. I messaged Joey Adam on Instagram immediately when saw her Dragons. I was completely blown away. Even more so when Joey offered to come over from Luxembourg to do a shoot with me!  Stunning photography by Mark Pickthall. Modelled by Cj Ory.

Sirens of the Sea was the theme for the Dream Team event where 12 artists, 12 models and 5 photographers came together for a day to create some magic. It's easy to go for the usual blue, sparkly mermaid look which I wanted to avoid and on looking into the myths and legends behind Sirens, was fascinated by its dark history so wanted to encompass something more sinister. Sirens would lure fisherman and pirates into the ocean with their beauty and ethereal singing, only to feast on their fickle flesh once they'd had their fill.

Model - Abigail Taylor, Togs - Mark Pickthall and Dave Rumsam


Antonia Purdie performing and modelling at a Wedding Venue opening. A unique way to entertain and enthral your guests at festival style and alternative weddings!


Isla is an incredible pole instructor and after performing alongside her occasionally at events in Bristol, we did a shoot together. She came fully prepared with a plethora of impressive poses and more sass than you'd care to shake a stick at. It was a hilarious day! Headdress by We Creatures and Photography by Khali Ackford