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Face painting is a wonderfully versatile skill to learn and great for so many occasions. At Painted Peach we've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you interactive and easy to follow face painting classes for you to try at home, or in person.


 With 8 years experience as a professional face painter and many years in body art, special FX and prosthetic makeup, I am taking this opportunity the pandemic has provided to start learning again myself and have been studying at Bath Academy of Media Makeup. As I look to achieve bigger ideas and projects, I am now happy to pass on some of my face painting knowledge to parents, teachers, fundraisers and budding artists alike.

Before the pandemic, I was offering a Prosecco Painting Package; a fun filled evening for you and 3 or 4 friends to learn kids face paint designs. I would arrive at yours or a friend's home with everything we need for the evening. Perfect for when the kids have gone to bed and a superb way to learn the basics of face art.


As this is perhaps no longer an option for the foreseeable near future, I am offering a similar package, but this time from the comfort of our homes! (via Zoom) 

I will send each of you a hand selected, Peach Approved face painting kit with all the base products you need to get started. I will teach you some basic yet essential techniques, share tips, provide insights on which products I use and recommend (and which to avoid) and discuss important hygiene practice do's and dont's. 


An insider knowledge from a professional that will give you the tools you need to get started, after which you can purchase additional tutorial packages with multiple design ideas so you can practice in your own time. These designs will be for kids face painting ideas, but the techniques are transferrable to all areas within face and body art.


You are more than welcome to still drink Prosecco with me throughout! Become a V.I.Peach, invite your friends with enticing referrals and exciting discounts and we can start doing Zoom painting parties. A great excuse to get dressed up for an evening of painting, learning bubbles and giggles.

I can also offer more bespoke packages and cater to individual requests for particular looks if there is something you are trying to achieve. 

All products we use are cosmetic grade, hypo-allergenic, vegan friendly paints and only use biodegradable glitter.

(this link is still in progress so if you have any issues please send me an email)