A Bit About Me...

So, I grew up in Warwickshire but was actually born in Canada, I'm half Dutch and lived in 5 countries by the time I was 6 years old. I've always had a strong love for the arts including performing, but never really found my place in the education system and genuinely managed to fail my A Level Art! I spent years job hopping and travelling, trying to find something suitable, but really found myself when I was most lost.

When my Dad passed in 2012, I did anything I could to escape from my current situation to other worlds. I would read copious amounts of fantasy silently by his bedside and wished I could be anywhere but here. From his death, I began to volunteer for Myton Hospice's fundraising events by face painting, which is what has lead me on this crazy journey.


I learnt a large majority of my skills whilst living in New Zealand working for a 3 time world champion body artist. Yolanda pulled me aside after the first day of the course I was on and asked me to work for her company, Body FX. This gave me a great confidence in my abilities and really opened my eyes to the possibilities within the face and body art industry. On returning to the UK, I thought it was best to start my own venture.

Bristol is now my home and has been since 2016, a feat in itself I can assure you! I've been adding a touch of Painted Peach to private parties, corporate events, weddings, productions, campaigns, music videos, theatres, charities and lots more. As you'd imagine, a rollercoaster of a journey. 

I now want to turn my attention to bringing escapism and joy to people who really need some. People in hospices, hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps and other places where there is sadness, trauma and where a moment to forget their current circumstance will surely be welcomed.


J.K Rowling, JRR Tolkein, C.S Lewis, Lewis Carroll and many other authors allowed me the escapism I so needed at that time, now I hope to bring just a fraction of what they brought me, to others, through my art and by transforming performers into immersive characters and creatures. I'm working with a few of my favourite performers to develop characters to introduce to people. Story tellers, magicians, artists and circus performers. I'll also be looking at transforming patients!

If you like the sound of what I'm up to and would like to get in touch, donate, make a suggestion or know someone that might benefit, or please do send me an email. 

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