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A Bit About Me...

The Journey

I discovered the doorway into the world of Body Art whilst living in New Zealand in 2015. I attended a course run by Yolanda Bartrum, who is a three time world champion and multi award winning body artist. She pulled me aside on the morning of the second day and asked if I would work for her... that day! I was naturally, astounded and feel incredibly grateful to have had such an opportunity. I was able to learn so much about the industry, what type of avenues were available, see the many aspects required of running a successful business and learnt countless techniques and methods that all contributed to the level of artwork I am able to produce today. 

My introduction to face painting actually began a few years before that in 2012 when I lost my Dad quite quickly to cancer. The weeks leading to his death, I would sit by his bedside at Myton Hospice and plough through books in search of some sort of escapism. I longed for nothing more than to escape to these fantasy worlds that these authors had sculpted and absorb the magic that entailed. When he passed, I had a great desire to help the hospice in any way possible. When they told me they needed a face painter for their fundraising events, I was more than eager to try something new. After years of odd jobs and travelling, I guess it's the first thing I tried that actually felt right... and here we are today. I feel extremely blessed that something so beautiful and positive came from a combination of idling interests and was not only accelerated by tragedy, but actually shaped my life and career. I was able to find my ikigai and I truly believe this is why I am still so motivated to continue, despite the rollercoasters and pandemics that life has thrown.  

For the last few years we've worked towards providing more immersive experiences by transforming performers into creatures and characters to interact with guests at events. Having done this solely at events up util the pandemic, I've spent the pandemic training as a hair and makeup artist and have greatly enjoyed the new variety of work in TV, film, stage, commercial and weddings, in addition to events and productions. 


I'm very excited to now be hatching a new concept where we will be producing immersive dining experiences, with body painted waiters, actors and performers, working with caterers to design taste sensations and an allergen free menu. Sound designers, lighting and effects, character design, set designers, costumiers. It's going to be extraordinary. We're aiming our events largely towards charity fundraisers but will be hosting private, corporate and ticketed events too. I look forward to working with a host of other talented creatives to bring moments of escapism and wonder.

If you like the sound of what we're up to and would like to get in touch, hire our services or know someone that might like to be involved/help, please send me an email!

For the past 10 years or so, Panda has been developing her skills and creations as an artist. Initially establishing herself as a face painter and swiftly evolving into the world of body art, Special FX, prosthetics, creature and character creation, performance, makeup, hair, wigs, eco-glitter bars and more recently, scenic painting and art as well. Driven by a seemingly undying passion for the arts, Painted Peach continues to improve, and embellishes a host of independent, corporate, public and private events, theatre, film, tv, productions, commercials, campaigns, immersive experiences and more.
Painted Peach can happily cater to bookings of 1-1000+ so please get in touch if you’re curious.

"I trained in face art, body painting and special FX whilst living in New Zealand, completed the Peter Sword's King course in Media Makeup and Hair at Bath Academy, learnt prosthetic makeup from Neill Gorton and Darren Longthorne and picked up countless techniques and skills from my time in industry. I'm now running classes and workshops, given talks at events and we're even in the early stages of curating immersive events around my other bookings. I’m happy to call Bristol my home but will happily travel further afield for work, including overseas. I adore working with a diverse range of artists, performers and clients so I invite anyone who needs to know, that this is a safe, inclusive, understanding space. We aim to bring a positive energy and a creative flourish to each booking and look forward to adding to yours
~ Panda Cooper
Artist and Owner at Painted Peach


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