Whilst living in New Zealand, I worked for Yolanda Bartrum who is a three time world champion body artist. Naturally I feel incredible privileged  to have had the chance to see her work and learn certain techniques and designs, but largely I enjoyed discovering the potential and possibilities of the industry.

Body painting has allowed me to create the fantasy I so needed while my Dad in Myton Hospice. I read books by his bedside. Constantly. All I wanted was to escape to the fantasy worlds that these authors had created and absorb the magic that entailed. It was a really crucial part of my life at the time and as part of my healing when he passed, so as result, it's now my aim to be able to bring people just a fraction of the enchantment people like Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Lewis Carroll and J.K Rowling gave me.


As a result, I  am working on putting together a performative visiting experience for those in hospice care featuring a cast of fantastical creatures in full face and body paint to promote joy and escapism for families in difficult circumstances. 

If you would like to be painted for a personal photoshoot or for an event we can work together to create your perfect look and capture the result. Body paints are an excellent way to explore body positivity, confidence and an entirely new experience.

Since beginning my body painting journey, I always hoped I would be able to use it to help those less fortunate, raise awareness, bring some kind of joy or make a statement. My friend Leora and I went to London to join the Extinction Rebellion cause to raise awareness of the fact that our planet is being destroyed by the way we are currently abusing it.
I did a quick Bob Ross inspired landscape on the back and a burnt out and polluted city scape on the front with the words "If not now... then when? If not you... who?" 
We managed to make the front page of the London Metro, the Daily Mail, the New Zealand and Sydney Herald, a Dutch newspaper and a Chinese article. Best of all, XR personally messaged me to say thank you and that my work had been vital to their cause, which was more important to us than any of the other publicity. I look forward to doing more campaigns!
Being painted is an incredible experience. As an artist and a model, it's great to experience being on both sides of the brush so I can understand things that might make the models experience more comfortable when I'm painting them.
It can be therapeutic, relaxing, empowering and a huge confidence boost, as well as being a completely new and exciting experience! If this has something you've dreamed of for a while or recently discovered an interest for, then please get in touch to discuss. I also do gift vouchers if you'd like to gift this memorable opportunity to someone dear to you.


Created by Painted Peach