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Body Art is a really stunning medium that allows you, as the model (you don't need to be an actual model, it's just what we call you instead of a canvas!), to feel completely different in your own skin. You can find an entirely new appreciation, mindset and character within yourself which is a very empowering and almost surreal experience that deserves to be captured and remembered. It's a genuinely incredible feeling and I implore anyone that is intrigued to try it. 

Body Art is beautifully inclusive of all shapes, sizes, skin colours, genders and personalities. It's a wonderful way to explore body positivity and there's no need to be embarrassed by any of the 'beauty industry' so called "imperfections". Your quirks, stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite and scars are completely natural and 100% celebrated at Painted Peach. Let's call them

I'm-perfection's instead! :)

It's also a wonderful and immersive addition to music videos, promotional videos, theatres, photoshoots, private bookings, shows, productions, film, TV, weddings, grand openings, luxurious private parties, corporate bookings and much more. We have a host of talented models, performers and walkabout characters available to hire too.

Body painting, is often unfortunately thought of as, a nearly naked woman with some paint on or even a fetish thing. There’s a fairly unspoken solidarity amongst body artists that we work to move away from this common misconceptions and promote body art as something much more tasteful and talented, and never something that sexualises or objectifies the model. It’s an exquisite art form that allows much more depth, expression and interaction than a 2D canvas. Models often feel empowered, but it is not the artists or photographers place to make them look, act or feel sexualised, that’s a very industry!

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All Videos

These experiences naturally take a lot of preparation and planning. Usually the process takes me about 2 weeks from concept, designing, making costume and headdress pieces, to spending an entire day painting, plus an additional day the day after the shoot where I'm so drained I can barely move! It's a lot of work and incredibly niche but the results are unforgettable. 

Rates are upwards of £250 and we can also suggest and source a variety of photographers depending on your preferred style and price range. All products we use are cosmetic grade, vegan friendly, hypo-allergenic and we only use biodegradable glitter. We have always disinfected our kit and products between each booking but you can read more on our Covid hygiene practice on our contact page.

For the time being, all designs are bespoke and custom made for you, but we are working on a 'Look-Book' of designs and costumes for you to choose from, that will keep the costs down and be more accessible to the public. You're welcome to discuss any ideas or themes with us so we can create the look you are hoping to achieve. 

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