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Body Art is a stunning art medium that allows you, as the model (you don't need to be an actual model, it's just what we call you instead of a canvas!), to find a completely different appreciation in your very own skin. You can find an entirely new appreciation, mindset and character within yourself which is a very empowering and almost surreal experience that deserves to be captured and remembered. It's a genuinely incredible feeling and I implore anyone that is intrigued to try it. 

Body Art is beautifully inclusive of all shapes, sizes, skin colours, genders, preferences and personalities. It's a wonderful way to explore body positivity and there's no need to be embarrassed by any of the 'beauty industry' so called "imperfections". Your quirks, stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite and scars are completely natural and 100% celebrated at Painted Peach. Let's call them I'm-perfection's instead! :)

It's also a wonderful and immersive addition to music videos, promotional videos, theatres, photoshoots, private bookings, shows, productions, film, TV, weddings, grand openings, luxurious private parties, corporate bookings and much more. We have a host of talented models, performers and walkabout characters available to hire too.

It’s an exquisite art form that allows much more depth, expression and interaction than a 2D canvas. 

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All Videos