Bridal Lace Design

With festival and alternative weddings becoming progressively more fashionable (and why not?! They're so fun!), adding some top quality and bespoke body art into the mix is a stunning and innovative way to be the ultimate unique bride and have your guests talking about your big day for decades to come.


Painted Peach offers a range of body art services for couples looking to add something extra. Choose from our range of services and let Painted Peach help you give your wedding the edge you truly want, from guilt free glitter bars to extreme waiters or talented body painted circus performers to captivate them all.

Bridal Body Art

Bridal Body Art is mesmerisingly unique and a stunning way to add the extra something to your look as a Bride, or your Bridesmaids. 


This idea hatched while I was living in New Zealand for 2 years, working for a 3 time world champion body artist and special FX company, as well as an award winning outdoor events company. The combination of summery weddings, sandy toes, backless dresses and body art seemed like such a fresh and decadent mix which gave me the inspiration to try and create something to let Bride's feel exclusively fabulous. 


 Lace and henna inspired designs in white body paint, decorated with iridescent gems or pearls to compliment and complete the ideal look for the alternative bride. Each design is completely bespoke, hand painted and finished with a fixing spray to ensure long lasting wear throughout the day. You're welcome to arrange a trial paint prior to the wedding.

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Eco Glitter Bars

Glitter bars are becoming an increasingly popular feature at a range of events, especially weddings! This is a fantastic way of involving your guests and adding a bit of sparkle to the evening seems to elevate the excitement every time! It's beautiful... especially because our glitter bars are guilt-free! 


Being eco-conscious is high on our list of priorities, as it darn well should be, so I do as much as we can to keep Painted Peach eco-friendly. We source all of our glitter from EcoStardust, which is certified biodegradable, extra soft, and comes in a range of sizes and colours. All our paints are non-toxic, hypo allergenic, vegan friendly body paints and other products are eco-conscious where they can be, including biodegradable baby wipes. Our Public Liability covers anyone over the age of 2 years so everyone is welcome to join in the fun!


Our professional artists are fun, reliable, hard working, super talented and bring everything they need, including table and stools to each job, allowing you to enjoy a hassle free day as you should. 

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Hand Painted Signs

Hand-written signs are a beautiful way to add elegance and direction to your event or venue. Whether you would like menus, sign posts, welcome messages or prompts to guide guests, I can assist you with wording, style, font and design.


I am happy to paint any style or size of sign, no job is too small.

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Circus Performers

Your wedding day is probably going to be the most magical day of your life,

so if you're looking to make a big impact and leave everlasting memories for your guests and of course, yourselves, then adding performers are a pretty spectacular way to do so.

You can choose to hire from our range of talented performers, models and walkabouts to come and inject a strong and welcome sense of immersion, awe and excitement to the party. Whether you'd like walkabouts to interact with your guests, performers to entertain, models to add atmosphere or even serve canapés, our designs can be tailored to suit your theme, style, colour palette, ambiance or tempo. 

I was fortunate enough to quite literally learn body art from the best in the world. I spent 2 years of my life living in New Zealand where I worked with a 3 time world champion Body Artist and Special FX master. The understanding of the industry and techniques I picked up during this time have helped distinguish my work as an artist today, for which I cannot be thankful enough.

Over the years, I've also worked in more than 80 festivals worldwide and counting, which has hugely inspired an infusion of colour and diversity to my countless creations. Bringing something different to each character and working on concepts brings a believability for the audience as well as to the performer. 


I am fortunate enough to work alongside some of the best performers and agencies from across the UK, which enables us to offer the most relevant entertainment to specific events and clients. We aim to bring a burst of extraordinary escapism for guests, to hopefully reignite and capture people's imaginations. 

You can read more on all these services on my Festival Brides wedding blog, or feel free to get in touch!

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