Panda Cooper


Like so many others, the pandemic had detrimental effects on my small, events based face and body art business, but using this time productively was essential for my proactive mindset and the most perfect time to enrol on a course
I modelled at Bath Academy of Media Makeup for a previous student there several years ago, and after reading more about the infamous Peter Swords King TV and Film Course, I knew this was the right choice for me. My unwavering desire to create escapism for others, has now been upgraded and my previous skills refined, and what better way to reach the masses than joining the TV and Film industry. I feel so grateful to have completed this course as a mature student which has only aided my motivation, understanding and enthusiasm for all modules of the course.

I'm just as thrilled to start bringing my combined skills to causes, campaigns, projects, productions, shows, commercials, fashion and more. Click below to see more of my work!

More info is being added regularly!

Each module was taught by an active industry professional and assessed on our portfolio photoshoot at the end of each week. Modules included:

Skin Camouflage - Tutor: Sue Bardwell

Hair and Makeup basics and Bridal - Melanie Weekley (also Principal at BAMM)

Global Hair and Beauty (People of Colour) - Lola Maja (makeup) and Regina Meeson (hair)

Fashion - Gozra Lozano

Comercial and Editorial - Sophie Moore

Vintage Hair and Makeup (70s, 80s, 90s) - Lisa Colgenette

Wig Knotting and Facial Postiche - Jo Smedley

SFX - Kirstie Stanway & Daz Longthorne

Character Breakdown - Angela Williams

Barbering - Gemma Nelson

Iconice Decades Hair (20’s - 60’s) - Fiona Maynard

Period Hair (Tudor, Victorian, Georgian, Renaissance, Edwardian) - Angela Williams

Theatrical - Maria Leydon

Business - Various speakers


Advanced Course - Creature Creations : Darren Langthorne

Global Beauty
Vintage Hair
Period Hair
Dia de los Muertos